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Support Groups, Workshop Activities, and Guided Discussions to lead families to chose between success and ​failure, understanding and confusion, harmony and respect, for each member.

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  Comfort Zone Support Group

 This Support Group provides a space for families to share and help each other, giving each member a positive voice to issues of concern​. 

We teach parents and children to live in harmony by respecting boundaries and learning to use negotiation within a family unit.

Our goal is to help alleviate fear and concern through education and group discussions.

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Comfort Zone Program

The Comfort Zone Program consists of eleven themes. In each workshop, we discuss how to implement the themes within the family. Ultimately, the concept is to look at changing negative behavior to positive behavior in a constructive manner. 

The Comfort Zone teaches parents and youth that positive communication is key to changing behavior. If negative behavior is a factor that is destroying harmony in the family, it needs to be altered.  


As such, positive communication is the key to improving school behavior and peer relations. Positive communication is the key to improving home behavior and family relations.


Most importantly, the parent is the key to success for family development. The parent is essential in determining the life-long journey of children and their success in life.

Comfort Zone Themes

Research states that parents and guardians are the foundation who can guide a healthy youth. If this foundation is given the right tools and structure to implement positive communication, healthy behaviors and attitudes can be instilled in even the most difficult children.


Family Comfort Zone Teaches: 

  • Trust/Respect

  • Loyalty

  • Honesty

  • Self-Esteem

  • Listening Skills

  • Family Rules

  • Discipline

  • Consistency

  • Choices

  • Goal Setting

  • Learning to let go


Parent Project

Parent Project is designed for parents learning how to communicate more effectively with their children and teens in the area of changing destructive adolescent behavior.


This can be accomplished by: 

  1. Understanding our children.

  2. Addressing problematic behavior.

  3. A parent's formula for success.

  4. Adolescent drug use.

  5. The out of control child.

  6. Considering relationships and developing action plans.

  7. Finding help and support.

  8. The dynamics of change.

  9. Consistency.

  10. Managing conflict in the home.

*Upon completion of the Parent Project Course, you will receive a Parent Project Certificate of Completion.

Articles & Resources
The Conscious Parent​​

This book talks about transforming ourselves and empowering our children.

By Shefali Tsabary, PhD

The Parent Project​​

Parents are the answer.

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