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*How to write a review/testimonial for Family Comfort Zone or The Parent Project? 
Go to; Type in "Family Comfort Zone"; On the right side of the page and below the address (about 2 paragraphs down)
there is a section titled "Reviews"; Click on "Write a Review" and provide a review/testimonial.
Thank you in advance for your review!

Throughout our various sessions, families voice how Family Comfort Zone helps their families.

"This program is to help heal families."

-Walter Jackson,

USA Book News Award

"Family Comfort Zone is a wonderful transformational experience for families!"

-Janet Alston Jackson,

USA Book News Award Winning Author

"This workshop was really helpful, I enjoyed everything. I really needed this to open up my horizon."

-Jose Garcia, student

"This gives families a voice to listen."

-Dr. Shri Levy

 "You get to really look into your life and reality of your life."

-Ebie Harad, student

"This really helped and the feeling of comfort and support I had today was amazing."

-Alexis Orozco, student 

"I enjoyed talking with other people and [learning] that I'm not alone."

-Crystal Servin, parent

"This experience was very helpful and I was able to learn how to set my goals and the time frame that they need to be achieved."

-Isaua Leal Sanchez, student

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