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Our Offerings
  • Positive  techniques for more effective family communication.

  • Facilitators  who are experts in their fields.

  • Confidentiality - All information discussed during each sessions will remain confidential.

Our Mission

The purpose of Family Comfort Zone is to teach parents and children to live in harmony, respect boundaries and learn to use skillful negotiations within  the family unit.

Our Facilitators

The  Facilitators are experts in their fields, such as: educating, counseling, life coaching and parenting in which they  have experience  from  a personal framework or from their professional career.

Our Team

Dr. Carolyn D. Monroe

The Journey That Inspired Family Comfort Zone

Dr. Carolyn D. Monroe

As a lifelong educator, I have created a program called Family Comfort Zone.  With that said, years ago my husband and I adopted two children, who are now adults. Through their formative years, we witnessed many behavioral hardships, from running away to stealing, to holes in the walls, to dogs being injured, etc.  We discovered this was RAD (Reactive Attachment Disorder).  It was told to us that when they came into our home this was a behavior they came with as per the many psychologist and therapist we consulted.  Fortunately, we got through the hard times by the grace of God.

Over the years, I asked my students what were some of the problems they were having with their parents and we came up with a Lack of Communication, which was the number one issue.  We also came up with Loyalty, Honesty, Self-Esteem, Listening Skills, Family Rules, Discipline, Consistency, Choices, Goal Setting, and Learn To Let Go. ​

Interestingly, we talked about what that would look like and I came up with the name Family Comfort Zone meaning a place where the parent and the child, have a place to share their feelings and thoughts about a Theme in a positive way.  So I tried this technique on my children, and it worked.  Then I shared my findings, with extended friends, family members and my students and their families.  Everyone felt this was such a needed program for any community.

With that in mind, I  pursued the opportunity to open workshops at many schools and now, I’m now stationed at the Boys & Girls Club in Pacoima, CA  they have provided space to hold the workshops for the past four  years.  I have Natalie Estrada and Jalyah Barnes, they are wonderful interns; who help put Family Comfort Zone Program in a wonderful light, and they assist with Videoing each session, translator, put up sign, food sit up and clean up.  Their actions show great excellent in stewardship and professionalism, Natalie, is in her second year of college, and Jalyah is a sophomore in high school.

In conclusion, I would like to share my program with other communities throughout Los Angeles, with the help of you.  Again, it’s a program that teaches parents and children to live in harmony, respecting boundaries and learning to use skillful negotiations within a family unit.  I hope this would be a program, for your church, school or community. This is my story.

Natalie Estrada
Natalie Estrada

Natalie has been with Comfort Zone since 11th grade and is now in her 2nd year at CSUN. She has several roles:  Spanish Translator, helping with workshop activities, assisting with children 4 years old and up, and along with setting out refreshments. Natalie  is truly outstanding.

Kimberly Todd-Tullos
Kimberly Todd-Tullos

Kimberly currently works with the  Women's Entrepreneurs of America and is a vibrant creative mind. She'll be leading the 'Self Esteem' workshop this year!

"We're bombarded by messages of who we should be. I'm giving a shout out to be yourself & love it. As unique as your fingerprint you have something incredible to contribute, to bless & to make a difference that only your awesome-sauce can! It's now o'clock..."


Jalyah Bares
Jalyah Barnes

Jalyah is a new staff member.  She attends Cesar Chavez High School an is aspiring to attend Stanford University in three years.  It is a pleasure to have her on board to assist with parent and children workshop activities.

Sheila 1_edited.jpg
Sheila Obair, MBA, MPA

Sheila has worked in project management and human resources for many years.  She is currently our Director of Operations. She also assisted with the creation of this website/web design.

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