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10:00 - 11:30 a.m.  Saturday ($20.00 per family member)*

 September  11,  25

                                                                                                Themes that will be covered are as followed:

                                                                                                  Family Rules, Goal Setting,  Self-Esteem, 

  October  9, 28                                                                          Listening Skills, Trust & Respect and 


  November 6, 20

  December 4th  (Reflection  Day)  No Cost/Pot Luck                          

 Workshop  Dates

 Hi Everyone,

 I look forward to seeing you on Saturday,   September 7, 2019  10:00-1130 a.m.

 in the:  Learning Center Room at the Boys and Girls Club, 11251 Glenoaks Blvd., Pacoima, CA

 91331 for our Comfort Zone Workshop.


 * Schools and Organizations, Please contact for Special Rates

Comfort  Zone Workshops  Fall  2021

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If you wish to pay cash in person please contact Dr. Monroe in order to register. In your email use subject "Workshop Registration", please provide the names of each person attending.

$20 per Family Member

Guest Speaker 


     Mr. Mrs. Ruben Ochoa

This workshop will help families  learn to  work on Goal-Setting  of negative behavior Skills in a  positive manner with each other,  so they  will be able to  stand in their own truth, which can bring togetherness within the family and help with the betterment of each member.


When each family member learn to follow   in a  positive  way, then the results will bring  better communication, opinions can be shared and there's enhancement in all areas of life including - personal, academic, career etc.   Moreover,  to put Goal-Setting   into practice, you need to have open discussions about negative behavior  within your family,  what does that look like?  In order to answer this question  and more, you will have to join us  Saturday,  September 11, 2021 to  witness and  listen to real life experiences that will be shared

from Professor Harris.



The theme for this workshop is on  


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