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We  will  teach parents and children to live in harmony, repecting boundaries and learning to use negotiations within a family unit.  Our goal is to help alleviate fear and concern through education and group discussions.

Family Comfort Zone Classes

Support Group Services

- Child Counseling

- Family Counseling

- Coping and Adjustments

- Anger Management

- Support Groups

​Educational Services

- Assessment and Evaluation

- ADHD Discussion

- Learning Difficulties/Discussion

*Family Comfort Zone is a powerful 6-week program is composed of 90 minute sessions.  Parents and children are required to attend all sessions.

Parent Project Classes  
These classes are every Saturday (or a flexible day for parent(s) who have strict/busy weekly work schedules).  The Parent Project is a 8 to 16-week program (the number of weeks depend on which state the parent resides in) which is 2 hours per week and can be mandated by the courts or this is a great course if you just want to improve your parenting skills. 

To visit the website for more information go to Parent Project tab in this website or go to

Classes will be conducted each Saturday for 2 hours for 10 weeks.  The hours of each session will be from 9:00 am to 11:00 am PST (Pacific Standard Time)
We are flexible regarding days and times.  Please speak directly to the Facilitator.

*Please note that the first class will provide a detailed introduction to the overall course.

**Upon completion of this course, you will receive a Parenting Certificate which is recognized by the court system.

Space is Limited


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