We  will  teach parents and children to live in harmony, repecting boundaries and learning to use negotiations within a family unit.  Our goal is to help alleviate fear and concern through education and group discussions.

Comfort Zone Classes

Support Group Services​

- Child Counseling

- Family Counseling

- Coping & Adjusments

- Anger Management

- Support Groups

​Educational Services

- Assessment & Evaluation

- ADHD Discussion

- Learning Difficulties/Discussion

*Comfort Zone is a powerful 6-week program is composed of 90 minute sessions.  Parents and children are required to attend all sessions.

Parent Project Classes  
Coming Fall 2021, the Parent Project is a 10-week program (1 1/2 hours per week) which can be mandated by the courts or this is a great course if you just want to improve your parenting skills. 

To visit the website for more information go to

Classes will start on October 30, 2021 - January 22, 2022.  For this session, classes will be conducted on Saturday's from 9:00 am to 10:30 am PST.  

*Please note that the first class will be 2 hours in length due to the first half an hour will be an introduction to the course.

**Upon completion of this course, you will receive a Parenting Certificate which is recognized by the court system.

Space is Limited

***If you miss this course, a new course will be offered in November 2021.

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